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Chicken Hawk Racing Race Report

The WERA Mid-Atlantic season started off with a fizzle for all competitors who braved an early March race date. After all the pre-season preparation (which I always describe as a military operation on the move) we went down to VIR knowing we were in for a wet one; there were no doubts in the weather report.

I wouldn’t drive 10 hours each way to race in the rain for fun, I went for the championship points and I was prepared. We had loaded a Wet Map into my new ECU, had my rains tires mounted on spare rims, installed my Fog Buster mask into my spare helmet, had all my old gear for the rain and had my wet suspension set up notes. Still I would have preferred to race in the sunshine.

  • Posted on   05/08/12 at 06:05:02 PM   by Andrew  | 
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