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Championships for Vesrah Suzuki Despite Dificulties at the WERA GNF at Road Atlanta

Vesrah Suzuki riders had a difficult weekend at the WERA Grand National Final at Road Atlanta in Braselton, GA but still managed to capture the championships that they were chasing. Crashes by all of the riders had the team down to only Nick McFadden competing on Sunday but finishes earlier in the weekend and fate helped to ensure Tim Bemisderfer capturing the 2011 WERA Open Superbike National championship.

The team was looking great at the close of the day on Friday with Tim Bemisderfer and Mark Junge riding for the BEI Dunlop Development team, which won the 4-hour endurance race and that clinched the first overall National Endurance Championship for that team. Later that day during the make-up WERA Open Superbike race from the previous round Mark was able to lead the race before being passed and then stalking his competitor before passing him out of the final corner on the last lap to take the victory. Tim finished on the podium in 3rdand in front of his competitor for the championship to lengthen his points lead heading into Sundays final race. Team Conky with Nick McFadden and Kyle Wyman competing in the Lightweight class of the National Endurance race got off to a great start leading that class but Nick had an incident during his first stint that dropped the team back several laps. The bike was repaired and returned to the track where the riders kept their heads down and tried to claw back up into the standings ending up 4th in class.

Saturday things came unravelled for the team with hard crashes by both Tim and Mark while competing in the WERA Sportsman series races. After making a gentleman’s agreement with his also injured competitor for the Open Superbike championship, Tim decided to sit out of his remaining races with a broken hand. Mark also decided to not participate in his remaining races and Nick parked his SV 650 after Saturday. Nick was the only Vesrah rider to compete on Sunday but had issues with his GSX-R 600 and only completed one race.

Mark Junge – Team Owner Vesrah Suzuki & Rider #57
“I’m happy that Tim got the 2012 WERA Superbike championship and that we were able to help BEI Dunlop Development win their first overall WERA National Endurance championship. I really enjoyed the superbike race on Friday and winning it at the line made it even better. After that things went downhill but that is racing. Back to the shop and time to start getting ready for the 2012 season.”

Nick McFadden – Vesrah Suzuki # 18
“It was a wild weekend, for sure. I struggled all weekend trying to put a good plan together. Our Endurance Race was going good - Kyle Wyman had a good first hour on the bike and I was feeling pretty good during my first ride, then halfway into it, I was going through turn 10 and the next thing I knew, I was slammed on the ground. The front end tucked and I really don't know why - there was some talk about the cold track temperature making the sealant slick in some turns. Travis Smith took the bike back and looked it over real quick and it mostly was damage to the body. Kyle jumped back on to let me check my gear out and we were able to keep going but couldn't make up the time we lost.”“I didn't finish very well in the Saturday races on the SV so I decided to just ride my GSX-R 600 on Sunday but had a mechanical problem and was only able to run one of the races. With all of the wrecks and destroyed bikes that were laying around the pits this weekend, I am just glad to be able to roll mine into the trailer and come home in one piece. I would like to thank Kyle Wyman for riding Endurance with me and Travis Smith for working on my bikes and always keeping calm when things are going wild, along with everyone in the Vesrah tent including Mike Himmelsbach from Penske, who helped me this weekend. Thanks to the tire guys in the Pirelli and Dunlop tents. Thanks to all of the Vesrah team sponsors and to ARAI Helmets, Pilot Leathers, NextMotoChampion, DVS Shoes, Pit Bull Stands, and everyone who helps make my racing possible.”

Tim Bemisderfer – Vesrah Suzuki #511
“Even though the season did not end as I wanted it to, I was very happy to wrap up the WERA Superbike championship which was only possible with the power of the Vesrah Suzuki and the awesome grip of the Dunlop tires. I am looking forward to 2012 and continuing my relationship with Vesrah. I have to thank my personal sponsors Dunlop, Twigg Cycles, CTR Suspensions & Washington Cycle Works.”

Kyle Wyman
“I want to thank Mark again for the opportunity to race the endurance race Friday on the SV650. I had a blast out there and if not for some attrition I think we would have had a great shot at pulling off the win. The Vesrah pads were as good on lap 81 as they were on lap 1 and it felt great to ride at Road Atlanta again!”

Vesrah Suzuki wants to thank all of their sponsors for their support for the 2011 season – Vesrah, American Suzuki, Rockstar Energy Drink, Nielsen Enterprises Suzuki, Penske Racing Shocks, Traxxion Dynamics Fork Components, Yoshimura, Catalyst Racing Composites, Sudco Int., Bazzaz, Factory Pro, Maxima Racing Oils, Vortex, DID Chain, GPR Stabilizers, Trek Bicycles, GP Tech, Active, Pilot, Suzuka Tire Warmers, Pit Bull & Road Rage Designs

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