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Schnitz Makes Historical 6-second Pass on HTP’s Pro Street Hayabusa!

The HTP Performance Nitrous Hayabusa claims the first EVER Pro Street Motorcycle to run in the 6-
second zone. The team has rocked the series since their arrival in 2010, breaking records and winning
races, but their most recent achievement is one for the history books.
The team headed to Budds Creek, Maryland early the week of the MIROCK Fall Nationals, eager to test
after a number of alterations to their clutch and chassis setup. The weeks before had presented many
hurdles for the team as inclement weather and natural disasters repeatedly caused them to reschedule
their test dates. Thankfully, the Thursday before the race, weather was great and track conditions were
One major change made was to the Hays Convertible Clutch. Tim Hays of Hays Machine Works offered
track support and a small adjustment that made a major difference in their setup. Rider Ryan Schnitz
stated, “We could see and feel the difference. I was excited because we made a change and could see
the change. Many times when you make changes to things and don’t see a result, you’re stuck not
knowing what direction to take.”
After a successful test session, putting down back-to-back 7.0 passes, they parked the bike with a
sneaking suspicion that if the weather and track were as good as they were during testing, a 6-second
pass was very possible.
Weekend weather threatened racers with wind, rain, and a 20-degree temperature drop. A drastic 
change in conditions with an unknown effect on the weekend’s racing. “Everything was stacked against
us every pass. Between the drizzles that kept coming and going, and Pro Mods breaking and leaking gas
and not making it down the track in the lane we were in, it was making me nervous,” said Towner.
Racing continued, and the track seemed to be holding. Schnitz spoke of the increasing stress. “The
pressure was intense. I knew I had to make a clean pass and be on my game. Cecil and the entire crew
didn’t put any pressure on me at all, but I did on myself.”
It was during Sunday’s first-round eliminations that Schnitz 
rode the World’s Quickest, with a 6.907s pass at 203.06mph.
“As soon as the bike launched and I shifted into second I
started to feel it tote the front wheel just enough to stay
planted. Shifted to 3
and 4
and the bike made a move
towards the center. I kept my focus on the finish line and
started to bring the bike back to the groove. Shifted to 5
then 6
and just tucked in and tried to keep it straight.”
“It’s just starting to set in.” No stranger to winning and
records, Schnitz commented, “I think your latest
accomplishment is the best. They just get better and better.
Whether it’s a world record, championship, race win, or just a win light, they just get better and better.”
It was in 2009 that Keith Thompson, on HTP’s Real Street GSXR1000, accomplished a somewhat similar
feat. “It was awesome when we built the first Real Street bike to go in the7-second zone, and it’s always
been a goal from day one to be the first Pro Street bike in the 6’s.”
In addition to the title of the “First Streetbike in the 6’s”, Hays Machine Works offered a $10,000 bounty
to the first bike to claim this title using their Pro Street Convertible Clutch. “It’s great to see companies
who give back to the race community,” says Towner.
So what's next for the HTP Crew? “After seeing what we were able to accomplish with the Pro Street
bike, it’s really inspired me to focus on finishing our Pro Mod. I want to prove the technology and engine
building that we do at HTP is competitive with the top teams out there.”
Will Schnitz be on-board for this new venture? The Schnitz-Towner relationship appears to be one that’s
long and lasting. “Cecil has been phenomenal to work with and ride for. Always doing whatever it takes
to make the bike as safe as possible for the rider and being honest and open. I know every time I get on
the bike that it is 100% ready to go. He has always made a smart and thought-out decision on every
tune up or setup change. His equipment is state of the art. At every event or test session there has
been a major upgrade or change to improve performance. He is truly dedicated. I am extremely grateful
to be a small part of this extraordinary achievement and look forward to a long business and personal
relationship with Cecil, Leah, Kylie and their entire family.”
And that’s exactly what Cecil Towner considers his crew and sponsors – Family. Thanking the many who 
have supported his program over the years.
The team will travel to Englishtown, New Jersey for the Shakedown at E-Town October 7th.
MOTEC Systems
BROCK's Performance
Schnitz Racing
Carpenter Race Engines
Hays Machine works
Marine Crankshaft
R&D motorsports
World Wide Bearings
Catalyst Composites
Wizard of NOS
Richie’s Tires
Full Spectrum
Color Blind Custom Paint
Rob Muzzy
Adams Performance
Bates Leathers
Chip Ellis
Ryan Schnitz would also like to thank his wife Katie Schnitz, father Dave Schnitz, mother Shelia Schnitz,
sister Shana Schnitz and everyone at Schnitz Racing.
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