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Mark E. Dotson Race Report

The April 28-29, 2013 opener at The Ohio Mile was quite thrilling to say the least. With violent wind gusts and storms, our team only managed to make 2 passes all weekend long. Anything above 15 mph cross or headwinds is the limit for our race team and seriously slows our speed and affects safety.


The great news is that we made the most out of those passes and with the skill of our rider, Mark E. Dotson, he was able to blast through the head and cross winds at 14 mph to break another Land Speed record in the MPS/F-3000 – 4 (Modified Partial Streamlined, Fuel, 3000 CC 4 Stroke). At 223.21 MPH, He blew right through the old published record of 212.017 set in 2012.


We have also reclaimed our title of MPS/F-1350 – 4 (Modified Partial Streamlined, Fuel, 1350 CC 4 Stroke) with a record setting pass of 222.55 MPH. The previous published record was at 219.691 set in 2012.

This means that we now hold 3 out of 4 titles in the large bore bikes category of the Modified Partial Streamlined Fuel classes, 1350, 2000 and 3000 and brings our Land Speed Racing records to a total of 9.


With the help of our sponsor, Catalyst Racing Composites, the rear extended tail section, lay down fuel tank and drag seat all combined to make the bike very aerodynamic and fast!


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